Who is Cilje Tinemari

Who is Cilje Tinemari Tiemroth



A little bit about me.


My name is Cilje Tinemari Tiemroth.

I was born July, 1975. I started the house of angels in 2011.

I started it, because I no longer had time to have a regular job, and there were many who needed my help.

I love to help my fellow human beings find their way to inner happiness and freedom. I’ll give you self-insight that moves you to the place in your life where in

you can flourish.

I make self-development trips, precisely because I experience a lot of people that need intensive support and development.


What can make me tear up.


when i experience my fellow people,love themselves so much, that they push through the hard parts, to find love and happiness. When a person themselves and wants their life, touches me very much. I am grateful for having these tools, that can help all og these people, who will accept my help.




All of my life I have felt a strong calling within the spiritual world. I've always been a clairvoyant/medium, and since I was born, i’ve seen the dead and angels. I’ve also seen people's souls and their limitations as well as the way out of their limitations - and I thought it was normal. However, I quickly figured out that it wasn’t something everybody did, so I started to think that I was crazy. It was obvious to me that I was standing outside of the group, and my fellow human beings didn’t see the the world, as I did. I learned the hard way that my skills were to be contained, because my fellow human beings did not need, nor did they want the truth when they had not asked for it.


Despite my age, my life has been filled with educational challenges that have strengthened my spiritual development. I have since I was 3 years old, seen and talked with angels and deceased ones, the

angels talked to me around the clock, and when I got close to people I could hear, what their angels tried to tell them some times I told people what their angels said, not everyone was thrilled. I learned that many would not like to know when and how they die, but as a little girl of only 6 years, I believed that if people's guardian angels told them something, it was because they needed to hear it. My mother had a very hard time, it was hard with a child who always told the truth even when it hurt people, quietly, I learned that my ability was something I should not share with everyone, my mother always told me " The big gift from good that you have, gives you a great responsibility, I remember she said that to me many times per day.


I have since I was 22 years advised many couples to a better relationship. From when I was 24 years old, I have advised parents to understand their children and given them tools to a happier life. I have 3 children, all with special needs, I have failed marriages behind me both because of alcoholism, betrayal, infidelity and serious diseases that changed their personalities, so life has taught me a lot, I usually say you can become smart by reading a book, but some of the best lessons i have come from experiences and i’ve got many.


It is not only me who have met challenges. From when I was very young, my family got the raw truths. The people who were around me, through my childhood and my teenage years, had to hear truths about themselves and had to accept that I played as much with the dead as with the living, perhaps even more with the dead. My poor mother was powerless, since I already as very little left home because I had to do it, I did the angels’ work.

It’s natural for me to be in close contact with the angels and the spirit world daily.

i hope the tools I have, that the angels have provided me with, to make life easier to handle, is passed on to others.

My desire is to help others to a daily life that is happy, light and peaceful.

I look forward to helping you.


I work ethically

I work with respect for the angels and the spirit world. It is my intention through clairvoyance, your guardian angel's messages and through contact with the dead that I pass their messages to you. I'm sworn to secrecy and never tell about: death, accident or serious illness. I never put into people, who don’t ask for it.

With loving and warm thoughts Cilje Tinemari Tiemroth









Who am I

My mantras

"I am the person I want to meet. I treat myself and others the way I want to be treated."

"I am the change i want to see in this world."

If we let go of our expectations, we’ll find inner happiness.

"I love myself , so others can see how I want to be loved’

"I love the life i have chosen, and i am thankful for the lessons life has taught me"

"ups and downs, are a gift from life.so unpack them and focus only on the ups."


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