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Soulinsightfullness gives you the feeling of happiness up to several times a day without it depending on a family, partner or job. Your happiness depends only on yourself and using the tools that come with Soulinsightfullness. You’ll be sincerely happy and filled with joy, you will in the difficult episodes in life quickly find the feeling of happiness again.

Soulinsightfullness is a tool I've spent a long time on in my clinic when my clients came and couldn’t find themselves or their way in life. They could be depressed and sad, or feel empty and abandoned.

Many come to me and ask, where do I hend with myself and my life? they often say they feel that they have lost themselves and can’t quite get back on their feet, they find it difficult to choose or hear their own inner guide, others used words as "I'm can’t take anymore."

All they had in common was they didn’t have the great energy and vitality, or cultivated exercise and want to eat healthy. They only have the energy to just run around, they sometimes didn’t feel for a long period of time and they lacked the happy and joyous feeling within.

I am very conscious of my clients, so they don’t need to get more tasks or challenges. Therefore I had to find a treatment form that didn’t require that big of an effort, but significantly changed their everyday feelings and emotional state. Therefore I invented Soulinsightfullness.






The background for Soulinsightfullness


My many years as a therapist taught me much about the person, from the small child to the very old. One of the most important tools I use, is the knowledge that we as humans are 90% a copy of our parents. We’re not a copy of our parents' actions or what they’ve said, we are a copy of their treatment and perception of themselves on an emotional level.

The first 3 years of our lives, we learn most of our emotions, we create experiences of what does and does not work, from what we perceive our parents to be, and how their mental and physical wellbeing is. The center of the brain that control our addiction quickly becomes activated. Our addiction of mother and father and their behavior. We are born addicted to food and drinks, addicted to exercise, clothing on our body, being bathed, feel and understand the world we landed in.

That means, if we take the child's first and most intense learning and cut it out, we learn.

1: How we should perceive ourselves and treat ourselves, our parents self perception teaches us this (90% copy).

2: Food, clothing, bath, physical movement and inner feelings. (It makes our body healthy)

No. 1: I call the brain and navigation system or our anxiety. No. 2. I call the heart and our inner feelings.



The background of Soulinsightfullness No. 1 and 2


This No. 1 and 2 are your foundations. They are the reason for your behavior and the reason you live and act like you do, both on an internal and external level. Not many people are aware of what their foundation is made of, and how much they navigate out of it. Which makes them continue to face the same emotional challenges in life.

Many are aware that they’re not happy to the core. Happiness is an inner feeling you create, not a feeling that comes due to another human being. if happiness i caused by another human being, you will each lose it again, and thus it is not YOUR inner happiness. love for your partner or your child is a happy-feeling without a doubt, but it is not the happiness we're talking about, i rate this type of happiness as a happy-feeling, but not as a deep inner happy.



Soulinsightfullness works with No. 1 and 2 in order to balance. When you get the insight behind No. 1 it’ll be easier to understand your behavior, and thereby easier to change it. When you become consciously aware of what No. 1 is of importance, you will see how it has built up a large navigation system. You have lived by your entire life. Learned from the present adults in your life. If you’ve had Parents who have downgraded themselves, and never put themselves first. One will do the same to themselves through their life, and thereby create a pattern that is not beneficial to your inner happiness. You don’t always have the same behavior as your parents, but you have the same inner justification for your actions, as they had when they were between 0-3 years. You can’t even see what your parents taught you, a therapist can help you, so you can choose to see the inner behavior you know you have, and use the knowledge. when you work with No. 2 you will get much better even if you don’t know the depth of No. 1

When you become consciously aware of how No. 2 is important and how often you have downgraded it on a conscious level and, can change from unconscious to a very conscious level, and choose to enjoy No. 2 This will give a balance that allows you to contact your center of pleasure, which provides you with a new contact to your pre-active addiction center, thereby creating a healthy addiction of enjoyment.

Your natural addiction center, this center is required to survive and feel healthy: Food and drink wise. Shower, clothes to wear when you freeze etc. Physical movement. Thoughts and feelings is what it does.

By consciously enjoying the Inner which is food and drink.

By consciously enjoying the outer which is shower, clothes, creams, etc. everything you give your skin.

By consciously enjoying the physical which is movement

By consciously enjoying the Psychiatric which is the thought of yourself.

Want to be naturally addicted to enjoyment, charge yourself up on a daily plan and achieve a balance between No. 1 and 2?

See more about the 4 INTERNAL & YOUR SKIN & PHYSICAL & MENTAL here below. Want to join our webinar send us an email at






Your skin



Internal :


What can the inner things be?

You should think about the internal things such as everything that goes into your mouth, ranging from food and drinks to medicine.

Before you lie down to sleep make the choice to write down, 3 things you will consciously choose consciously enjoy putting in your mouth, it may be your morning meal a snack or a cup of something. the most important is that you choose to consciously enjoy it BEFORE you put what you have chosen in your mouth, and you do it as part of your daily rhythm.

It isn’t easy at the beginning to find the feeling of enjoyment on the internal level, but practice makes perfect so


Your skin:

What can things be?

You should think about the exterior things as being all that you offer your skin, it may be showers, creams, shaving, clothes, makeup, etc.

Before you lie down to sleep decide to write down 3 physical things you’ll enjoy the next day. The important thing is that BEFORE you offer your skin the water in a bath, clothing or cream, you choose to consciously enjoy it. It’s also important that you choose 3 things based on your normal everyday rhythm.

It is not easy at the start to find the feeling of enjoying on the internal level, but practice makes perfect so



Physical :


What can the physical things be?

You must look at the physical things as situations where you move, it's the little trip to the car, the long walk in the woods, winter baths, sit and read, meditate or sports.

Before you lie down to sleep decide which 3 physical things you’ll consciously choose to enjoy the next day. It is important that you BEFORE you choose to enjoy your physical activity that you consciously choose to enjoy it and that it’s a physical activity that does not change your daily life.


It is not easy at the beginning to find the feeling of enjoyment on the internal level, but practice makes perfect so



Physchic :


The psychic is an act you're doing every night when you sit in your bed and plan the next day, you spend just five minutes thinking about your day, find 3 things you enjoyed, recall the feeling and memory and sit for a little bit and remember how it was.

It is not easy at the beginning to find the feeling of enjoyment on the internal level, but practice makes perfect so


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