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Clairvoyant coaching


This treatment is the one that most people choose because they get the best of both worlds. I use my psychic skills to look into your life, and coach you through the tools you need to use to move on.

In the form of clairvoyance that I give, I get the information for my clients through my spiritual guide and the client guardian angel. It is a collaboration with spirit guides and guardian angels. The clairvoyant’s task is to convey the guidance and the messages, the spirits and guardian angels give.


It may be a deceased relative, friend, or a guardian spirit, that has a message for the client.

Skype clairvoyance

Skype clairvoyance works no different than ordinary clairvoyance where we sit facing each other. We just need to have an agreement on what time we meet over Skype.

If you don’t have my Skype, you can get it via the link below.

This session is 45 minutes and is done by prepayment.

Our Skype name is: Won when you have paid for the booking

book an appointment through our mail or call us 0045 60140228



Our price for 45 min skype clairvoyance

is 145 USA dollar




Clairvoyance is a French word meaning "lucidity". It is an expression of a special sensitivity to the vibrations we humans emit. These vibrations contains information about our emotional life, and can be captured by people with special empathy skills.

People with these characteristics we call "clairvoyants". The clairvoyant can "read" this information and can get in touch with our spirit guides and guardian angel. The clairvoyant can get in touch with deceased family members, friends and other deceased who have a message for help in the situation, the client is in.

It should be noted that the RV is not "call" to the deceased, but they do present themselves to help the clairvoyant, if necessary. Clairvoyance must not be confused with spiritualism and magic where one summons dead in different ways.

We all have a guardian angel, one or more spiritual guides and a higher self. They are our contact with the spiritual world. We all have an inner wisdom and intuition, but all of of don’t get to equally understand the signals emitted from the spiritual world, our guides and our guardian angel.

Therefore, one can make use of people with highly developed senses, having access to information, that are not physically there. It may be the clairvoyant advisor.

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